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Abbey National logo

Abbey National has the image of the friendly building society come plc (Public Limited Company). Abbey National was originally formed in 1849 (as the National Freehold Land and Building Society) and converted to a plc in 1989.

By 1997 Abbey had over 16 million customers (and rising). Abbey National continue to diversify more and more, trying to become a one stop shop for all your financial needs. Abbey now offer a bewildering array of services including, healthcare, pensions, mortgages, foreign currency, home, car and holiday insurance, investment funds, offshore savings, PEP's, ISA's as well as all the usual banking services of loans, current and saving's accounts. But are they any good? How do their rates compare with others? And are you happy putting your eggs in one basket?

We lift the lid on the Abbey's roof to see how you feel about what they are doing with your assets. In 1998, Abbey National's profit was up 11.5% to 1.6 Billion.
Abbey National has a market capitalisation of around 12 Billion placing them in the Top 30 in the FTSE (Financial Times Share Index).

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