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HSBC logo

HSBC (Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation) was originally founded in Hong Kong in 1865  with two-and-a- half million HK dollars worth of investment (equivalent to 21 Million in today's money).   Today it is headquartered in London and comprises of, amongst other constituent companies, what was Midland Bank.  

So, a new red hexagon logo, instead of "The Listening Bank", and a new name - well four letters at least.  But how has it been for you?  What changes have you seen to your banking?  What about services and fees?   Tell us how you feel about being a customer of the UK's largest bank.

HSBC were the first to introduce TV Banking through the use of Digital TV in the UK.  But is it any good?

In 6 months to mid 1999, HSBC's profits were down to 2.5 Billion.

HSBC has a market capitalisation of around 60 Billion placing them in the Top 5 in the FTSE (Financial Times Share Index).


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