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Formerly known as British Telecom, founded from the privatisation of the General Post Office (GPO) telephone service, BT is the UK’s leading supplier of home (domestic) fixed line telephony. BT have been building on this position to provide their internet service (BT ClickFree) and now own 100% of BT Cellnet to provide mobile telephone services.  BT also own Genie, the mobile internet service to provide internet over mobile phones.

As well as these domestic services BT also has a large business telecommunications for companies, and overseas operations such as the partnership with AT&T in the United States to form Concert.

BT is now under threat from cable telephone companies (such as Telewest and Cable & Wireless) and companies offering reduced rate national and oversees phone calls (Planet Talk, OneTel, EuroBell).  How happy are you with the rates you are getting from BT?
BT claim that thousands are coming back to BT every week, but how many are unhappy with the service they are getting and thinking of leaving?

The companay’s turnover was up 19.3% at 15.9 Billion for the last 9 months, with profits after tax of 1.6 Billion. BT currently employs 137,700 staff. *

BT has a market capitalisation of around 60 Billion and is number 4 in FTSE (Financial Times Share Index) having fallen from the number 2 place by the rise of the mobile operator Vodafone.


*Statistics taken from BT's quarterly report for 31st December 1999

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