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Orange are one of the main 4 mobile operators in the UK. Orange, previously owned bought by Vodafone, have change hands again. They are now owned by France Telecom.

Orange customers are now able to roam on 182 networks in 90 countries, including China.

The Orange UK customer base grew by 800,000 customers in 1999 (3 times faster than in 1998). Of these, 315,000 were contract customers subscribing to a Service Plan (bringing the total to 1.99 million customers) and 485,000 were pay as you go customers on Just Talk (total of 0.97 million).
Orange are losing customers at the rate of 18.7% per year (churn) (Service Plan customers 21.6% and Just Talk 8.7%)

On average, customers use Orange 171 minutes a year (195 minutes for Service Plan customers, 87 minutes for Just Talk customers).
It is costing Orange, on average, £130 to acquire a new customer (£208 for Service Plan customers, £41 for Just Talk customers).

According to their annual report, Orange have invested £201.8Million into the Orange UK network.

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