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A lot of our comments seem to be concerning the big banks and building societies: Barclays, Abbey National and now the HSBC. Though we do get comments of praise for excellent levels of service and friendliness, the general feeling is that the interest rate and bank charges are what really concern people.

With the vast profits that some organisations make I think few could disagree that the level might be too high but, from a banks point of view, "...we're here to make money and if you don't like the rate then please feel free to take your custom elsewhere" You enter into an agreement with the bank and are made fully aware of these charges; if you break that agreement then...well, we all are familiar with the rest.

This is something that affects all of us; embarrassment aside, there appears to be little point in haranguing a Personal Assistant sitting behind their desk in the middle of the bank but a large group of customers with a figurehead, now that could make a difference.

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