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London Mayor 4th May 2000, Ken Livingstone was elected London's Mayor with 58% of the votes:

London Mayor - final result after second preferences
Name Party Vote%
Ken Livingstone Independent 57.92%
Steven Norris Conservative 42.08%

Ken won the election armed with the following manifesto:

· An extra 9,000 police.
· No public/private partnership for the tube
· 24hr tube at weekends
· Congestion tax for cars driving into London

Ken's team:

Nicky Gavron - Deputy Mayor & The London Assembly Labour Member for Enfield and Haringey.
Lord Harris of Haringey - Head of Metropolitan Police Authority & Labour assembly member for Brent and Harrow

Darren Johnson - Head of Environment & Green Party Member.

Lord Trope - Head of New Fire Service Authority & A Liberal Democrat member of the assembly.

Lee Jasper - Secretary of the National Assembly Against Racism.

Nicholas Kent - Head of Arts

The first preference of voting was as follows:

Name Party Vote %
Geoffrey Ben-Nathan PRO-Mass 0.58%
Dr Geoffrey Clements Natural Law Party 0.32%
Frank Dobson Labour 12.78%
Ram Gidoomal Christian Peoples Alliance 2.45%
Darren Johnson Green 2.22%
Susan Kramer Liberal 11.6%
Ken Livingstone Independent 38.11%
Michael Newland BNP 1.96%
Steven Norris Conservative 26.5%
Ashwinkumar Tanna Independent 0.53%

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