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Following the recent takeover of World Online by Tiscali, in a recent article, thousands of internet users who have signed up for World Online's joint Internet and phone package have been given a month to find a new phone company or to accept the choice of their service provider.

World Online's 63,000 customers have been given the choice of transferring to rival operator Servista.com - its choice of fixed line telephone service, switching back to BT, or of finding a new phone company.

Tiscali claims that Servista.com would give customers the same level of service as World Online and they confirm that customers have been given 30 days to make alternative arrangements. They also say that the service will be better but, guess what, you must pay for that it.

World Online's UK chief executive Simon Preston said the company regretted it would be losing, "...some good people, while giving rise to opportunities for others....regrettably, this is necessary for the company to be going forward in today's highly competitive market place," he added.

Customers claim that they have been dumped! What do you think?

To view WorldOnline's history click here.

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