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Bad news all round it seems...

Bad news for the customers and bad news for ntl's employees! There's no good time, I suppose, for news like this, but with Christmas rapidly closing it's a bleak time for around 2000 UK employees as ntl seeks to cut it's £14bn debt and for the customers, the dial-up Internet service will no longer be free.

The reduction in workforce is part of a drive to reduce staff by between 15,000 and 21,000; strangely enough, CEO Stephen Carter has assured investors that customer service will not be affected by staff cuts.

What, not at all? Does this mean that the entire 15-21,000 aren't doing anything? If that is the case, no wonder you're getting rid of them!

The fact is though, of course service will be affected, you just have to say that it won't: your customer base won't believe you, the investors will want to believe you (but secretly won't)and what happens remains to be seen.

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