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Orange have featured in the news recently with two quite different stories:

The first is that in the lead-up to the release of 'The Lord of the Rings' they are set to launch a range of items for mobile phone that include three new games, text services, SMS-based quizzes and a WAP site!

The other story is that a company called 'Locust', who were established 5 years ago, negotiated a set fee (back then) for the sending of text messages which amounted to unlimited use for the sum of £3 per month. Locust's community has built up to a circle of around 600 users! A good deal for them but in light of the 'boom' in SMS, not such a good deal for Orange!

You can probably guess the rest... Orange have decided to stop Locust's tariff and the company will go bust! Orange refuse to back down saying:

"We never actually offered the service that he is using, he's effectively exploiting a loophole... We have a business to run and Locust is costing us a lot of money."

I bet it didn't seem to be doing that back in '96 did it?

To view Orange's history click here.

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