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'8th July 2001 - Connex day of chaos'

Following the Railtrack report about the Connex incident the following points have been highlighted:

  • Connex and Railtrack managers wasted hours arguing over who was responsible for the train/incident and the best way to get the train moved. (The report in fact condemns both Railtrack's and Connex's management throughout).
  • No escalation or contingency plan was in place and time was lost as the point-of-contact for the mechanics was on holiday.
  • The first mechanic to be sent to the scene was directed to the wrong place (it also took 75 minutes of arguing by the above managers).
  • Other mechanics were then caught in a traffic jam and took over 4 hours to reach the train.
  • Not wishing to suffer loss of money and prestige, Eurostar is accused of continuing to run services onto lines it knew to be blocked.
  • The train was not cleared off the line for more than 11 hours.
  • The train itself had major faults and this poses the basic question of why was it allowed into passenger service (ANY service!!) in the first place.

Oh yes, "...after the Connex train had been stranded in the countryside for two hours, understandably, the customers were getting restless." Ohhh, we remembered the passengers, well done!

I had a look on the Connex site a short while ago and they have a poll saying, "Do you think Connex is getting better at listening to its customers?". Up to now, 14% said yes, what do you think?

To view Connex's history click here.

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