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British Gas are working more efficiently now. We were in credit 56.00. Once we were notified of this the money was already in our bank. Much better than before when they would hold on to your money/credit for a while. We now earn the interest instead.

Mrs.N Goodman

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Once upon a time, you received your gas from the gas board, electricity from the electricity board and water from the water board. Not any more. In new age of 'multi-fuel' you can get gas from an electricity company and vice versa.

But is it any better? Do the plethora of duel-fuel promotions actually save you money? And what of the customer service? What happens if you have a query or are charged incorrectly - do they sort it out quickly for you, and to your satisfaction? What happens when you want to move home, or change supplier? Is there a seamless handover?

Well, tell us your opinion. We want to know what your experiences are like.

Tuesday 23rd May - Thames Water financial results
UK's largest water company announces pre-tax profits rose from £418.6 Million to £419.4 Million in year ending 31st March 2000. Profits from non-regulated business oversees rose by 47 per cent.

Ofwat (the water industry regulator) imposes 10% cut in price of water.

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