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Recently looking for wedding outfit which was a real pain in the rs as there were sales everywhere, which is the time 5 years worth of stock comes out!. Finally found something it was a lot of money. I went to pay for the item checked over my goods only to find holes all down the back of the jacket. It was explained to me this had happened due to the fact it was pinned to a dumikin. Well I felt so much better after that, not! Debenhams have completely ruined a suit and lost 150, mad! well I was anyway

Mrs.N Goodman

Allders Argos
ASDA B and Q
BMW Debenhams
Dixons Ford Motor Company
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House of Fraser Iceland Group
Littlewoods Marks and Spencer
Mercedes Benz MFI
Mothercare Next
Sainsbury Selfridges & Co
Somerfields - Stores Tesco
Vauxhall Motor Company Waitrose
Woolworths General Section


How many of you out there use the Internet for your shopping?

Not many of you according to results of recent surveys: less than 14% of surfers are prepared to give their card details over the Internet and take the risk that their details will be accessed by those without permission.

In recent months, we have all heard the stories where bank accounts and other personal details have become available due to lapses in Bank security and this seriously damages any faith people have in Internet security.

In an attempt to alleviate people's fears, the government will, in the run up to Christmas, launch a campaign highlighting the safety of Internet shopping

It would be interesting to find out how many registered FairComment users carry out shopping online? As a follow-up, it would then be interesting to see how many of those who don't shop online do so over the phone and, to take it a step further, do so using a mobile phone?

What do you think, let us know and we'll publish the results at a later date...

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