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Abbey National Comments

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jemwall Other Other 04/10/01 16:00:00
I recently received a mailshot from Abbey National who I bank with offering a "guaranteed" loan of up to 10,000. "You are guaranteed the money", it said in bold letters.Having spent considerable time calculating if it would be a good idea consolodating, I rang them. After a lengthy phone call, it was refused.In what way is this guaranteed? Appaling waste of my time.
slim Other Other 13/12/00 00:00:00
My daughter is 10 years old and has a savings account with the Abbey National. She received a letter from them. Naturally, she was very excited, one to receive post. two the feeling of being grown up. That soon changed when she realised she was reading about what the Abbey can do for her with regards to Motor Insurance on her vehicle. Well honestly!! do the Abbey actually have a fully comprehensive database. I also think her pocket money would not stretch to 15 a month. DER!!!
wilkin Customer Service Credit Cards 31/10/00 00:00:00
I have an Abbey National VISA card. However, my current account is with the Royal Bank of Scotland who provide an internet banking facility against which you can settle credit card payments. RBOS have established payment arrangements with many card providers but not Abbey National. This is a nuisance and therefore I have decided to change my VISA card account to a service provider HSBC National Trust affinity card who will accept payments through the Royal Bank of Scotland internet banking facility.
wilkin Interest Rates Savings Account 06/09/00 00:00:00 Oxford Street, London W1
Re. Instant Saver Account. I recently went to deposit a cheque for a 4 figure sum in my Instant Saver account with Abbey National to be told that this account was only offering an interest rate of 0.9. I wanted to have my money in an account with cash instantly available preferably with a passbook. Accounts like this have typically offered a graduated interest rate in the past and the Abbey National now does not offer an account with reasonable interest, instant access and a passbook. The good news was that the cashier told me that I would get very little interest. The bad news is that I closed the account and deposited the money elsewhere.
andrew.carne Charges Current Account
In August my wife went OD and was duely charged 30 on a failed standing order twice. She phoned and asked why Abbey said theyd investigate and call back. Still waiting.
sallygoodman Charges Current Account wickford
Why is it that it takes 3 days to clear a check being paid into my account but a check coming out of my account is debited straight away. Some time ago I paid in a check for 1000. The next day I wrote a check for 100. I was then charged for going overdrawn by the 100 when a check a bankers check at that was waiting to be cleared.
mikey Charges Current Account
Id just like to say what an excellent current account I have from Abbey National, I have an agreed overdraft which costs me nothing, no banking charges, only time I have to pay anything is interest as a reasonable rate of about a 1 a month if I go overdrawn at any time.
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