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BT Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time
bigboy Customer Service Other
Well, BT have contact me, as I suspect they have contacted many others to say that thier ''View My Bill'' facility is being enhanced. What they actually saying is that the service will no longer be available to people who do not take up the payemtn by direct debit option. Here is what I emailed to BT. Dear Fergus Crockett, So, what you mean is....the new enhanced service, BT Together Online, is only open to people who conform to YOUR payment options. It also means that unless you decide to meet our payment options you will no longer have the ability to view your bill online. YOU CALL THIS SERVICE?? I CALL IT AN AFFRONT, NOT TO MENTION PATRONIZING! This has actually made me quite angry....service it is not. A very dissatisfied customer. I will be contacting Watchdog and FairComment.com over this.
tergill Customer Service Other 24/08/01 13:00:00
i recently contacted b.t regarding some charges on my final bill which i could not understand. in the past i have found great difficulties in resolving billing overcharges with this company.i received this bill on August 4th. and my letter was sent on the 6th. august 2001.Today i have received my reply,24th august''01,"pay up in 5 days or debt collectors notified!!!!" how much?? 6.72. a bill for 6.72, billed this month,awaiting their reply, and i am threatened.what a great company to deal with.i understand that b.t. are suffering some slight financial difficulties.is there any wonder.
russ1964 (Dis)Connection/Moving Other 10/08/01 18:00:00
After 12 days we have finally received the service that we were promised! Total compensation from BT is about 88, let''s hope that''s all the trouble that we''ll have.
russ1964 (Dis)Connection/Moving Local Calls 07/08/01 20:42:00
Well the change between Cable & Wireless and British Telecom was far from the “quick-and-easy” transition as promised by the Sales operator from BT. Last Monday, between 8 and 9 a.m. we were promised. Connection - including extensions - finally happened eight days later!! I complained bitterly to BT and told we would receive 57-something as compensation, great!! Lo-and-behold all is not correct as friends who are still with Cable and Wireless can phone us but, unfortunately, our phone doesn’t actually ring. BT promise compensation, “For each day or part day we are late in supplying or repairing Service we will pay you an amount equal to 1 months rental plus VAT…” at this rate it’ll be next year before we pay line rental, the only problem is of course, we’ll miss half our calls!! I’ll keep you informed on the compensation…
flutterby Product/Line/Service Quality Other
Well done BT for introducing BT Answer. It''s great so simple and I was connected within 3 days. It''s saved me the cost of a new answering machine.
slim Customer Service Other 29/04/01 00:00:00
I was having nuisance calls. The nuisance help bureau were very helpful. But I realised the message was very consistent no change in tome or anything else. So I thought maybe there was a fault. The operator informed me that being called "Bitch, this is BT callminder with a message" had happened in london area last year. Obviously a fault again Engineer to look into. Engineer got back to me to tell me no fault whatsoever even tried putting in the problem to rectify it but to no avail. Since then though 3 weeks now no more nuisance calls. ???
wolfmann Customer Service Other
Why is it that customer support is closed in the evenings and most of the weekends? On several occasions I have had a problem or question, that needs to be resolved, only to find that after 8:00PM and customer support is closed. I cannot believe that given the size of BT, together with the ENOURMOUS profits that they make, they cannot maintain a support function after 8:00PM!
dudleya Customer Service Other 13/12/00 00:00:00
BT, along with many other large institutions like banks, insurance companies et al have found the ideal way of protecting management from the long suffering public, er, their customers. Yes, Im talking about the Interactive Voice Response and the Network IVR which enables customers to have a faster and better service by pressing buttons on their telephones as they are guided through the menu maze to be finally put on hold for a week, get cut off or speak to the wrong person. It is this that BT absolutely excels at. For a hideously wealthy company it is simply too bad. Ever tried to resolve a problem with BT that takes more than one phone call? Youll know what Im talking about. You never get to speak to the same person twice. You have to go through all the endless gory detail of your problem *every* time you finally get through. And so it goes. On and on until you ritually disembowel yourself with your BT telephone out of sheer frustration. Ever tried to speak to a manager? Sorry sir, I cant do that. You mean you wont do it. Were not allowed to sir. You can speak to my supervisor... Who is another life form near the bottom the food chain who is simply more accomplished at fending you off from their precious managers. Every morning I check BTs share price and I note with satisfaction that it is continuing its inexorable downward trend towards the 6 mark and beyond. Hey, and Ive got shares in BT. Lets hope they get taken over soon and a few heads start to roll. There. Thats better.
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