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Barclays Bank Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time Branch
bigboy Customer Service Other Lewisham
Why is it that at the Lewisham branch of Barclays Bank the queue is always out the door? No matter that they have five service windows only three maximum are ever manned. It is always the same at least twenty people waiting very patiently to be served. The average wait time is at least fifteen minutes; this simply is not good enough!
larry fraser Other Other 05/06/01 00:00:00 Hounslow (West London )
Barclay''s recent decision to close a large number of their branches was thre straw that broke the camel''s back as far as I was concerned. After a period of steadily growing dissatisfaction with just about every aspect of their services, for example their pathetic interest rates on current accounts, their abominable level of customer service in every way, the unbearable smugness and arrogance of anyone representing the bank when appearing on TV and finally the rip-off levels of profit that they made last year UK banks are only content with profit levels of approx. 21%per annum. French and German banks are quite happy with 10-11% per annum. Curiously, these countries still seem to manage to operate an effective banking system. So I did what I have been threatening to do for ages and told Barclay''s to get lost. I have since opened a cheque current a/c with Intelligent Finance Bank. I have a Switch Card, a cheque book, Internet banking AND an interest rate of 4.41% on my balance compared with less than 1% with Barclays. All my standing orders and Direct Debits were transferred with no problems and I can use the LINK network of cash machines with my new Switch card. The only slight drawback is that payments of cheques into the a/c have to be made postally. Please, please, please follow my example and close your a/c with Barclay''s and open up a new one with one of the smaller banks. The Cash supplement to the Observer newspaper gives a weekly list of "best buys" for various types of savings and you will have several options if you choose to. This is the only sort of response that the perpetrators of "Rip-Off Britain" understand. Tell your friends!
zeuszeus Customer Service Other
Barclays products are frequently rated loly in top Ten surveys. Is this proof that they really believe their slogan in a big world you need a big bank? I think they will discover that a big bank needs a lot of small people.
noels Other Internet Banking
I have been using the Barclays Internet service for over a year now as a private client. I wonder if Barclays realise that their web site is used as a bad example of web site design all over the net. In fact the phrase As bad as the Barclays banking web site has become a standard. The site is very flash with lots going on. Unfortunately, it is virtually impossible to use. It takes forever to download, the navigation iscomplex, and even I a web professional, get confused and lost on the site. All I want to do is check my statement! I bothered to use the onsite email facility to record my frustration with the site. The first four emails just disappeared without trace. The last one was answered after two weeks by a we are dealing with your complaint note. That was five weeks ago. The impression this generates is that Barclays web design crew are just incredibly arrogant about the whole thing. The feedback form is just a token they dont really care if people use them or not. I am very disappointed with Barclays as a high street bank they are OK it is such a shame that they do not support their online customers by giving them a straight forward web site to navigate
betonya Charges Investments (ISA, Tessa etc.) 10/08/00 15:07:00 Holborn
Barclays offer an excellent range of investment instruments for those who have a nest egg they wish to put away for a longer term. The products are summarised in a very informative brochure and personal advice is on hand from expert staff at certain branches. The advice given is clear and enables you to asses the risk and return of each option clearly
rajshree Customer Service Current Account 20/10/99 09:30:00 Harrow
It is a shame that cheques arent cleared in the time period the cashier tells you they are going to be cleared ESPECIALLY when it is something as important as completion on a house purchase. And furthermore you have to take time off work to have the humiliation of standing outside the door shouting your complaint through a glass door because they are closed for staff training.
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