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British Airways Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time Station/Line
hrai Other New York - London - Business Class 18/06/01 22:00:00
We managed to get upgraded to Business Class on this route back to London with the new "lie flat" style beds which were fabulous. One of the hostesses that served us had such a bad attitude and seemed so flippant and uncaring about "service with a smile" that I later made a complaint against her to BA. They were kind enough to send some token vouchers and apologise for the treatment I received. Had I paid 1000''s for the ticket I would have been absolutely disgusted.
dudleya Other European serviec
I used fly to Helsinki on a regular basis and of the two airlines on the route, BA was the lesser of two evils. The punctuality was awful. The service was dreadful. I used to time how long it took for a trolly dolly to answer the service light above my seat. On average it took 30 40 minutes. Not my favourite airline at all.
rajshree Other London to India 01/07/00 00:00:00
I have to say that going clubclass was indeed an experience. For the amount of money you pay extra, you get not so friendly British men who really do not want to be doing that job food that is on the menu but not available, in fact most of the food that you would want not being available, and to top it all, children in your seats at no extra cost!! Im just glad I did not pay the 3200 for the flight. I had a better service from budget airlines paying 300 to get to India and back!
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