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British Gas Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time
slim Customer Service Gas
British Gas are working more efficiently now. We were in credit 56.00. Once we were notified of this the money was already in our bank. Much better than before when they would hold on to your money/credit for a while. We now earn the interest instead.
slim Charges Electricity 21/01/01 00:00:00
British Gas have finally caught up with me. They now realise after one year that my electricity is supplied by them. How efficient. I think I might change my Gas supply over to Eastern Electricity now. Such amusement.
slim Other Electricity 01/12/00 00:00:00
Remember me Mrs G from Essex. Well just to let you know British Gas have now sent in a quarterly review and to share the good news with you they say they owe me 80. Merry Christmas British Gas. Ill keep you up todate!
slim Other Other 15/11/00 00:00:00
Good old British Gas. I changed the handling of our electricity over to British Gas, due to the fact it would be cheaper. Well I can honestly say it really is. I pay for my gas but no longer my electricity!!!!! systems hey!! I do realise by the way theyll catch up one day and ill have a nasty shock of a bill
betonya Charges Gas 10/08/00 15:09:00
I have received consistently bad service from British Gas and now obtain my gas supply from London Electricity which also works out cheaper. I had a terrible incident several years ago where not only was I receiving bills from British Gas and British Gas Home Energy two subdivisions of the same company with completely seperate records and departments who refused to communicate with one another but I was senta 1500 bill stretching back 2 years before I moved into the property, despite having contacted them with a reading when I moved in. I quickly learnt to keep a log book of all telephone calls and claims made by the call centre operatives and to always take their name. The problem took over a year to resolve. When I recently moved into my latest flat I immediately contacted British Gas who were the suppliers for the previous occupants and told them I was switching to London Electricity. Never the less I received a bill from them 8 weeks later having already been billed by London Electricity. They claimed that their records had not been updated. It seems that British Gas suffers from its own size and the legacy of its monopoly on the industry. I feel their customer care and billing is appauling and I hope they continue to loose custom in light of deregulation.
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