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russ1964 Charges Other 01/08/01 18:00:00
We recently upgraded our four year old ''Headstart'' package 14.49 p/month to enable us to watch the recent Lions test matches in Australia. This was done on the understanding that we would revert to our original package once the Lions test was over. Imagine our dismay that not only had we lost the ''Headstart'' package due to restructuring and regrouping of channels but we''d also lost the 3 best channels we had in that package. C&W told us it would cost over 24 to get those channels. After a three second conversation with my wife we decided that the amount of tv we watched would not justify the extra 9. To cut a long story short, rather than lose our custom, C&W decided to give us the original channels we had plus the extra channels in the new groups for a trial period for the same price as our original ''Headstart'' package. Well done to C&W and it sure pays to complain!
matthew Customer Service Other 26/10/99 00:00:00
Cable Wireless performed badly in installing cable TV and phones to our house. It took them a total of 4 weeks, plus several complaint letters and phone calls to get it sorted. FIrstly they turned up only to do the telephone, stating that the TV people would come along seperately. THe TV people turned up to the wrong house. The phone people installed such that the 2nd extension did not ring and had to rearrange to come back another time, as did the TV people. They missed appointments and had to rearrange again. All this took time and effort on our part to phone up and stay in waiting for them, and still without a useable service for a month. When you phone up to make a sale, they answer within 3 rings, when you phone customer services to report a problem, they take 2030 minutes to answer!
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