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User Name Issue Service Date and Time Station/Line
johnny-m Overcrowding DARTFORD via WOOLWICH 03/12/01 08:20:00 ABBEY WOOD
1. Why is there such a mismatch between trains and customer useage. Is there ever a time when 4 carriages are adequate for the last trains on this line? 2. A couple of months ago the usual 8 carriage train was advertised as a front 4 only service. When we got to the front 4, only the front 2 were actually in service! So the platform load of passengers squashed into the front 2, leaving the remaining passenges to catch night busses! Luckily I had a seat, however, because of the immense struggles that occurred at Waterloo East & London Bridge stations, the train became severely delayed. I would have thought that Connex would have learnt from this, but I still find front 4 services serving the last trains! 3. Why is there anything less than 8 carriage trains anyway? The short trains that stop at Abbey Wood seem to stop at random positions along the platform even though the seats and shelters are all to the rear end of the London Bound platform. This morning, a 4 carriage train advertised as the 08.20 to Cannon Street, stopped at the front end of the platform which meant that everyone coming through the ticket office had to run half the length of the station to catch the train. As my arthritis was playing up today I couldn''t run and the driver closed the train doors when I was about 20 metres from the train and pulled away - even though the information display said it was 08.19.40! PLEASE SEND 8 or 10 CARRAIGE TRAINS DOWN THIS LINE - OTHERWISE IT WAS A WASTE OF MONEY EXTENDING ALL THE PLATFORMS TO COPE WITH 10!
chill Other victoria Victoria
Why is it that after around 9pm there is an half an hour gap between fast trains from Victoria to Bromley South? I usually finish work around 10pm, therefore missing the 10:11pm train and so that means usually a half an hour wait at the station for the 10:41pm train. There still is a large number of people on that route that need to get home at that time so wouldn''t be beneficial for Connex and commuters to introduce a fast train at around 25 minutes past the hour? It would mean that people would be able to get home just that bit earlier.
caroline_donohoe Other Connex South Central 24/10/10 08:00:00 Coulsdon
Congratulations Connex! I managed to get to the station on this exceedingly wet morning without getting totally drowned en route - so you thought you''d finish the job. There I was, having managed to get a seat rare but true when a great gush of water poured over me, having leaked in through a broken seal at the top of the door. Not the first time this has happened to me either, I have to say. So, not only are your trains habitually late, dirty, overcrowded and omit to stop at their scheduled stations but your rolling stock leaks like a colander. Any further miseries to heap on us this winter?
cavyman Other The Sevenoaks Information systems or lack of them Sevenoaks
Sevenoaks for months possibly years has been crying out for a decent platform information boards and now it has but only on two platforms. Those electronics boards have been above these platforms what appears to be years but its only recently they have been working. During the speed restrictions the trains which I travelled sometimes 15 to 20 minutes late and appart from the ocassional announcement there was no other sources available. Which was bloody disgraceful since they have a completely updated the information systems at Tonbridge which where adequate anyway but still havent bothered at Sevenoaks.
howling Overcrowding Lewishan - London Bridge 26/06/01 00:00:00 Lewisham/London Bridge
Why is it that in the heat of summer Connex start to reduce the number of carriages on the trains? For the last two days I have found myself standing nose to nose with other passengers on the hottest two days of the year so far. Yesterday a woman fainted on the carriage I was in which then caused further chaos at London Bridge Station as medical help was sought.
the disgruntled commuter Other Bexleyheath via charing cross 01/05/00 08:40:00 n/a
8.40 welling to charing cross. I complained to connex about the fact that it took 30 mins to get from London bridge to charing cross one Monday. It was the monday after the weekend engineering works and the day before the train crash at charing cross. They, after 4 weeks, replied saying that they were ''appalled'' by the fact that i received no apology and no updates which we wasn''t. I queried apart from the fact that we received no updates as to why engineering works over ran. Connex informed me that they were referring that part of my complaint to Railtrack. Fair enough you may say. Unfortunately, Connex actually sent the papers referring my complaint to Railtrack to MY HOME ADDRESS!!! marked ''please deal with''. They cant even get that right!!. The envelope was actually addressed... RAILTRACK SOUTHERN, XXXXXXXXX, WELLING, KENT. Its quite worrying that an organisation that is running our line can''t even address envelopes properly!!!. I would love to use an alternative to stop giving them my money!
tony.papard Other London Victoria - Hastings Clapham Junction
The electronic indicator and Tannoy announcements on Clapham Juction Platform 13 are often wrong. Even if you ask station staff which part of the train to join you often get given the wrong information. On numerous occasions I have got in the part of the train Clapham Junction indicators, tannoy or staff have said were for Hastings only to find that portion going to Littlehampton or stopping at Eastbourne. Tuesday I was seeing off a friend with a leg in a splint. The indicator and Tannoy at Clapham Junction said to get in the front 8 coaches for Hastings, back 4 for Littlehampton. I knew this was wrong immediately - with 12 carriage trains the back 4 go to Littlehampton, the middle 4 to Hastings and the front 4 stop at Eastbourne. To be safe we waited in the middle of the platform. My friend asked Clapham Junction staff, but they obviously didn''t know - vaguely waved towards the front end of the platform. In the event an 8 coach train arrived. Anyone getting in the last 4 coaches, which also happen to be the front 8 of course, would have ended up in Littlehampton instead of Hastings or stations en route. On another occasion I have already complained about Clapham Junction staff actually laughed as they knowingly put an old lady on the wrong part of the train, along with myself and other passengers. By the time the ticket inspector came along and told us we would end up in Littlehampton instead of Hastings there were no seats left in the Hastings part of the train. The little old lady couldn''t even walk while the train was moving, and there was nowhere for her to sit if she could walk. I don''t know what happened to her - just hope the ticket inspector put her in the right part of the train at Haywards Heath. This really needs sorting out. I fear it is Clapham Junction station which is to blame, as all other announcements en route at East Croydon, Gatwick, etc. seem to be correct. Clapham Junction is the worst station on the network. They refuse to install accurate indicators or make accurate Tannoy announcements. You never know which platform the next train for Victoria or Waterloo is leaving from. The whole station is a disgrace - the entire staff should be sacked from the station manager down, and only re-employed if they satisfactory perform well in recruitment tests. There is a couldn''t care less attitude made worse by privatization since so many companies'' trains pass thru the station. On one occasion I missed a meeting in Brighton due to a 2 hour diversion via Littlehampton which wasn''t announced at Clapham Junction and was subequently told they don''t announce delays or diversions on this line because it is operated by another companies'' trains, not the company which runs Clapham Junction station! I think this policy was later altered due to complaints.
bernardhockley Punctuality bexleyheath line 10/05/01 05:58:00 barnehurst
gripe 1 Today, 10th May 2001, the early morning trains just did not arrive. I overheard the platform staff on the phone to someone? and talk of storm damage. Yet no announcements were made, the wonderful new announcem,ent board automatically updating the expected time of the next train to the real time. i.e. at 06:20 it announced the 05:59 as due at 06:20. At 06:21 it was due at 06:21, and so on. This is not helping passengers who have a worked out that the train hasn''t come because they are still standing on the platform. b want to know how much longer they will have to wait. Eventually of course trains did come along, and no doubt later on in the morning they will catch up to their timetable. I still don''t know what the problem was, and never will. I got to work 45 minutes late. Thankyou Connex for ? Gripe 2. If there are staff in the ticket office why can''t they unlock the toilets on the platform. Some people may need to go in there before they board their train. You certainly cannot count on being able to find a working toilet on a Connex SE train gripe3 On Waterloo East in the evening, platform A, why is it that the announcements are either inaudible mostly or occasionallyear-shattering. At the front of the platform last night I never heard an announcement, the display screen was not working, most trains had no destination lit up on the headboard. And they were running late, how much or why ? we will never know. We were back to asking the drivers where their trains were going. gripe4 Why can''t the destination boards on the front of the train always show the train route/destination ? If they are broken, get them fixed for goodness sake. I once got on an Orpinton train by mistake on plaform A, no announcement, head code etc. It was only because I didn''t recognise a single face in the carriage that I asked someone where the train was going and was able to change at London Bridge.
motorbike Safety sittingbourne to vic connex
I really do think that a lot of you are unfair towards connex. at sittingbourne station now connex run it crime in the car park has been stopped, the gates have made 6 new jobs and helped to stop money loss. The staff are only unhappy because we all take it out on them.People compain about the gates having lots of staff working on them but face it would you work on your own on ticket gates. The problem is that connex dont own anything,its all rented and my job in london is sorting rents out for goverment and i know that if a company dont own anything they will not want to spend money it. So its not really connex or train companys fault. Its how our goverment split the system up.
nick Other Hastings to London 01/04/01 17:40:00 In Transit
A month or so ago the 17:40 from Cannon actually leaked rain via the emergency stop chain. On a daily basis it is difficult to find a train that is draught free. Some carriages windows are so dirty you can''t see through them. Incidentally why are trains allowed to deposit raw sewage onto tracks? regards 2400 Season-Ticket-Holder
itandy Other Connex Website
How typical of a Connex ''service''. Tried to view their website this morning, and surprise surprise, it''s not working.
jonathan.carr Other
Experienced at SIDCUP How is it that a company who ceased to employ ticket inspectors some years ago has now turned more than full circle and employs gangs of Ticket Inspectors six or so to stand at the new automatic barriers which are in turn manned by at least two further people. IS THIS A REASON FOR THE EXCESSIVE FARES!!
will Other
Last September I was getting off a train at Chatham when the drop light of the window came up and hit me in the face. This left my two front teeth smashed. The carriage was one the old ones that you open from the outside. I would like to appeal to anyone if they have ever seen faulty windows on trains as according to Connex they have an adequate maintenance procedure. However,I have commuted to London in three summer periods and have seen many faulty windows and surely cannot be the only one. This would be very beneficial to me as it would help my appeal against Connex for damages.
jonchoo (Dis)Connection/Moving
I have travelled through Connex trains from/to London Victoria to/from Brighton Station to visit my girlfriend more than 20 times and out of that only one arrived on time. The trains are either diverted or cancelled. Once we had to change and take the bus through 3 stations. We wasted one hour! And they wont refund my money although its clearly they are at fault! Just 2 weeks ago, the 50 minutes journey from Brighton to Victoria was diverted! We took 2 hours Feb 2001 and 20 minutes before we arrive at Victoria. At this rate, no wonder many people are sneaking into trains and rather not pay at all. Who can blame them if Connex keeps asking for high price ticket but giving lame services? I rather take a bus which sometimes are faster than the trains themselves. Very annoying!
carterbod Other 23/01/01 17:15:00
During a recent security alert on the line between Dartford and Gravesend Connex laid on what they laughingly described as a Rail Replacement Service calling at all stations from Dartford to Rochester. No surprise then that the buses laid on made even the normally disgusting trains look clean and despite the claim that the service would call at all stations it didnt. In fact it didnt go anywhere near any of the stations on the line and left myself, and a number of other passengers, in the middle of Gravesend, in the pouring rain with a 10 minute walk to the station to pick up our cars. The reason we were given was that the driver of the bus didnt want to go round the small one way system to actually get to the train station bus stop. Until now I have been debating whether to leave the trains for good and commute into London by coach. This has made my mind up for me and I will no longer have to put up with the same old lame excuses, dirty overcrowded trains and surly/unhelpful staff. I would urge all Connex rail users to do the same.
cavyman Cleanliness 83 to Sevenoaks and Blackfrairs Sevenoaks
Everyday I have to get this train and everyday its a bloody nightmare but what makes it worse is the appalling conditions of the carriages E.g Toilets that have been used and but dont flush, lack of loo roll, taps that dont work, , Scrawl on the windows, Rubbish everywhere and once I found someone had defecated on a seat and it stank the carriage out. Its terrible and they are trying to put fare prices up. Its beyond belief.
lupin Pricing Lewes to Victoria 21/12/00 19:30:00 Victoria
I renewed my annual season ticket today using a cheque made out to Connex from my employers interestfree loan scheme. It transpired that I had originally been given an incorrect renewal price by Connex, and as a result the cheque had been madeout for 60 too much. In addition, a 7 CitizensCharter discount had just been announced as compensation for underperformance last year. As a consequence, I was was due a refund on the cheque of about 260. To my extreme annoyance the sullen and unhelpful ticket clerkess was informed me that the refund could only be repaid direct to my employers, with all the scope for horrendous beaurocratic cockups that this will involve. In previous years any CitizensCharter refund has been paid to me in cash at the time of renewal I see no reason why it should now only be paid as a discount off the following years fare, and only direct to my employers. What is even more galling and this affects all season ticket regulars is that the Citizens Charter discounted fare is the price on which the following years refunds are calculated not the standard fare! Im amazed that this little scam has not received more publicity since it must be cheating every season ticket holder of substantial amounts. Why has noone else noticed this deception? Have I got my arithmetic wrong somewhere? Does one have the right to claim a cash refund under the CitizensCharter?
joconnell Other London - Hove 15/12/00 09:00:00 n/a
As a monthly season ticket holder entitled to compensation from Connex because of the recent service delays, I applied for and received an email from Connex regarding my compensation. The amout offered is far less than Id expected. The following is my reply to them: Thanks for your email. I am somewhat confused over the amout of compensation however. To quote your web site: Following agreement reached with Railtrack and the Association of Train Operating Companies ATOC, Connex will compensate customers holding monthly or longer period season tickets with payments by cheque from a special fund in respect of 15 days travel My monthly season ticket costs me around 295 per month, one month is, on average, 30 days, of which 15 days is 50, which should amount to compensation of around 295 * 50 which amounts to 147.50, which is obviously a lot more than the 89.40 which youve posted as compensation. Could you please explain what is going on with my compensation claim. Id appreciate a prompt reply.
zeuszeus Other Compensation 26/11/00 00:00:00
26th November 2000 It is well established that Connex services are below expectation. I wonder why Connex decided to publish a compensation form that A That was not a simple text form that anyone could download and print? The Adobe pdf format used necesitated me downloading a 6 Mb file in order to be able to read the form. B decided to publish a form with a lot of solid colour, so that the form takes longer and costs more to print? Yet another example of Connexs lack of thought for its users. Also why does the compensation only cover the period until 10th November. My services are still restricted, slow, late and overcrowded
pappillion1965 Other Train service in general
Before the railway was privatised by the good old Torys. British Rail used to bear the brunt of what a poor service and now its privatised its a bloody national disgrace. Under British Rail at least we had a infrastructure within the railway industry our tracks were checked regulary the stations were painted but now the stations are rotting away and the lines are a death trap.
hindsbeans Other Charing X - Hayes 09/11/99 05:30:00 London Bridge
I appreciate that safety checks have to be carried out, in the light of the Hatfield disaster. However, after weeks of cancelled, late and extremely overcrowded trains, last nights journey home took the biscuit. A crack in a track at Lewisham had been found so the train I wanted to get was cancelled. I had to change at London Bridge which in itself wasnt a problem thats something I have to do anyway since the speed restrictions and cancellations have been in force. However, the announcements dont actually tell a person where the train IS stopping. Its all very well telling everybody that this train is not running via Bexleyheath for example, but is running via a different route but why oh why cant we be told exactly which stations that includes?! If youre not a regular user of that route you havent got a clue which stations it stops at. Obviously a person needs to get a train which stops at the nearest station to home not easy when nobody has the gumption to actually list the stations the train is stopping at!
mkal Other Lewisham Station Lewisham
I contacted Connex re Lewisham Station on a small point. Since the opening of the DLR they have resited the taxi rank from outside the station to the other side of the station yard. Not a major problem, except that the queue is now out in the rain, rather than sheltered... The Duty Station Manager couldnt be less interested. A series of emails resulted where he a didnt understand the problem thought I was complaining about cab availability btold me the rank hadnt moved c told me to queue in shelter and pop out when a cab came along tricky if theres a queue and d finally told me that I was the only person who had ever complained to him and therefore implied that it wasnt really a problem. Given that leaving a comment on Connexs website automatically subscribed me to their mailshot list, and then inundated me with inane information about their service except on Monday 30 October when, strangely, theyd nothing to say, I dont feel Ive had the best return for my time taken.. Ill know better next time. Oh, and by the way Dont go to Lewisham for a cab if its raining youll get drenched!
e v b Other Bearsted-Victoria 31/10/00 00:00:00
I am fed up of paying such a huge amount of money each week to travel on trains that are late, dirty, cold, and overcrowded.I am lucky in the morning as I usually get a seat, but only a few stops down, people paying not much less than myself have to pay a silly amount to have the pleasure of standing up for and hour and a half. Trains are irregular, slow and generally terrible. If the majority of people are paying as much as they would pay to rent a decent flat in London per week, on their weekly train fares, can we at least have newer,warmer cleaner trains with may be a buffet car so we can at least buy a cup of tea? Commuters would not get so stressed out and angry t the staff if these simple pleasures would make life so much easier. How much can it cost Connex practically nothing! Its also funny how all the staff get new uniforms a while ago now I know, however the service does not improve at all. I have also experienced the most unfriendly staff only occasionally who do not seem to know the rules of ticket buying, especially when it comes to the use of a young persons railcard! The one saving grace is the staff at Bearsted who are always kind and helpful and are constantly apologising about the state of the service!
joconnell Other Victoria to Hove 20/10/00 20:30:00 Near Hassocks
Ive just arrived home at midnight after getting off the 19.17 train from Victoria to Hove. I, and loads of other passengers were stranded about 3 miles outside Brighton with no power i.e. in total darkness because of a broken down Thameslink train blocking the line which took ages to shift. We spent between 20.30 and 23.30 stuck in total darkness! Some people decided to leave the train and walk along the track to the next station foolish, but not surprising given the ordeal for some people and were threatened with arrest by transport police. Im not complaining about Connex in this particular case even though their service is dreadful, but my point is this: rail transport in this country is basically f****d, a point acknowledged by a senior rail boss who commented that the structure put in place by the government for rail privatisation makes it impossible to operate a rail service that is geared towards safety, reliability and punctuality. The only people to benefit from rail privatisation are the government. Surely they cant still be considering privatisation of the tube!
Alan Shirley Other 09/03/99 13:18:00
I wish to comment on vibration caused (I think) by a brake problem. The sound was like a fault on a wheel as the frequency of the vibration increased with speed. It was so bad it caused glass and stainless steel fittings in the carriage to vibrate very loudly. Many people commented. For your info it was in carriage 71790 at the C1/C2 doorway. This kind of vibration is all too common in my experience. Who checks it out ? Is it dangerous ? It is certainly very annoying !
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