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HSBC Comments

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carolineh Charges Other
There are not nearly as many HSBCs around as Barclays and Lloyds etc. which causes me a great problem. Where I live there are two banks in walking distance. If I use either of them I get charged 1.00. As I am a student on a gap year 1 adds up especially since there is no HSBC or compatible bank that wont charge me near where I work. Just bad luck possibly that I dont live or work near the HSBC branches but since I do temp and work in a different place every two weeks or so and have only once been near an HSBC I think pssibly there may be something else. Either get rid of the 1 charges or open up more machines. Simple choice.
paulmatthewssurv Customer Service Current Account 22/06/05 00:00:00 Bispham, Blackpool
I would like to comment on the excellent customer service at HSBC. When HSBC took over Midland bank I thought it might become a faceless multinational but this is not the case. My local branch and other branches I have used all have helpful, polite and friendly staff, as does the telephone banking service. I have also started using the Internet banking service this is excellent although I think the rate of interest paid on the account should be improved for customers who mainly use the account via the internet, to be more competitive with other internet banks.
jameshamilton Other Other Luton
Because i was 10 over my overdraft limit HSBC decided that I had to pay the whole sum back. I had been studying for three years and was practicaly destitute as most students are. The added pressure of HSBC not taking into account that I was financially buggered meant that I had to leave University and get a job at Burger King. I despise HSBC, what kind of company threatens a student with debt collection when said student has nothing of value and cant even afford to eat. I still havent paid the sum back and shall drag the repayments out as long as possible.
rajshree Charges Current Account 23/09/99 00:00:00 First Direct
I feel that the charges on the HSBCs current accounts are too high and unreasonable there seems to be little tolerance for peoples busy lives, especially when they are away on business or on holiday.
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