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London Mayor Comments

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dudleya General Ken Livingstone 18/12/00 00:00:00
Ken Livingstone has risen in my esteem and now stands as a rare example of a politician with moral fibre and integrity. A real pity we couldnt have him in a really senior post like PM.
betonya General London Underground 10/08/00 14:26:00
Id just like to say how pleased I was that Ken Livingstone won the Mayoral election. Already he hass told his staff they will no longer be entitled to company cars, and thus must suffer Londons public transport system like the rest of us. Im not sure if privatisation is the right way to go with the Tube however, as we dont want to end up with a Railtrack situation where safety and investment are ignored in favour of maximising shareholder value i.e. lining the pockets of senior management
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