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London Underground Transport Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time Station/Line
hrai Punctuality Metropolitan 17/12/01 08:30:00 Northwick Park
There is little point in posting complaints on the Metropolitan line because it''s service is absolutely diabolical and I have no time to write about it. What I would love to know is what can be done to improve it? Faircomment.com - can you suggest a way for us to appeal?
jonchoo Other
Service very bad, slow and delaying trains. Expensive for bad service, if service is good, I dont mind paying the price. Many cancelled. The tube management should increase trains by up to 20! Escalaters should be built in every station. Lifts should also be used! Its extremely dangerous for travellors who are ludging their luggages down the escalaters. They should be thinking about the safety of their customers!
annie m Customer Service
Anyone who uses the tube in West London will know by now that LU proposes to slash the District Line service by up to 50 from this February, while engineering works are carried out at Earls Court. Work is due to continue until May, and the chaos this will cause to everyone who uses this line does not bear thinking about and yet LU smugly maintain that the inconvenience is unavoidable, and propose to do very little about it except just sit back and let it happen. An issue that has been bubbling under for years is the vigorous local campaign pressing for Piccadilly Line trains to stop at Turnham Green tube station this would help relieve some of the huge disruption in these exceptional circumstances, and yet LU flatly refuses to allow this to happen. We are left in the lunatic situation of LU declining to alleviate this transport nightmare on the grounds that making a stop at Turnham Green would delay each Piccadilly Line journey to Heathrow by something like 90 seconds an unacceptable delay, apparently, for all those people instructed to get to the airport at least 2 hours before their flight departs! Meanwhile, regular District Line commuters who use the train every day to get to work will be herded onto crammed platforms, preparing to try and fight their way onto one jampacked train every 30 minutes. Or at least they will if theyre lucky LU have even said that it might be necessary to close District Line stations if overcrowding becomes too acute i.e. this seems to mean that they are actually prepared to barricade people out of the stations....and for this level of service I have recently renewed my annual seasonticket at a cost in excess of 700. LU are trying hard not to make this news too widely known but I dont think we should make it easy for them. We have to put up with disgusting trains, delays, cancellations and poor service as it is. Write and complain and let your MP know how you feel too. Transport for London is supposed to be an important issue and LT shouldnt be allowed to trat its paying passengers with this sort of contempt.
betonya Other All 10/08/00 09:48:00
I am disgusted by the poor way in which London Underground is managed. The down escalator at Clapham South my station and several at least 10? other stations around London have been out of action for over a year. These problems are caused by cracks which apparently make the escalators unsafe which is fair enough but why has work not started yet? Particularly when you take into consideration the fact that about 6 months ago all LU staff were issued with nice new blue uniforms. LU do not invest enough time or money in their core infrastructure air conditioning anyone? resulting in a poor service and disallusioned and trapped customers who have no choice but to put up with the situation.
matthew Punctuality Metropolitan Line 15/05/00 13:00:00
I was delayed by over 1 hour on Monday 15th May trying to go from HarrowOnTheHill to Greenwich Met then JLE. I had to wait halfanhour for a train that should come every 89 minutes, and then it took another halfanhour to go 3 stops to Wembley Park. Once I changed it was a swift journey on the new and exciting JLE and DLR lines. The poor service on the Metropolitine line is a constant and unexceptable feature.
hemi Pricing Northern
I dont feel that the pricing of the London Underground is an incentive to travel. The government and Greater London Authority are keen for more people to use public transport rather than use the roads however in order to attract more people onto the tubes LUL should reduce fairs in offpeak time.
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