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Nat West Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time Branch
mikejprice Other Current Account Exeter
As a student i have a student overdraft facility with Natwest, at the start of august i was unable to withdraw cash with my card, i went into my local branch in Exeter to find out that they had bounced some cheques, stopped a direct debit and issued a whole load of charges onto the account. I found out that this was because Natwest had terminated my interest free overdraft facility without my consent before its expiry date 3 months before!. The guy at Natwest spent about an hour and a half on the phone in the bank trying to sort it out, eventually attributing the fault to some sort of "computer error". To be fair they immediately refunded the charges, but i was told that i would have to arrange payment to companies whose payment they had stopped, as the cheques wouldn''t be presented again. I find this absolutely outrageous that i should have this hassle due to an internal failure on Natwests part! No letter of apology or explanation was offered. Natwest should be taking extra care of future high earners, such as students, whose business they fight for with account opening incentives.
ian Customer Service Current Account 22/08/01 09:00:00 Rayleigh Business Centre
I have recently started my own business and chose NatWest as my bankers. Unfortunately, it took them 3 weeks to open the account and get a chequebook to me. Then they forget to process my business credit card application. If I treated my new clients in this fashion, I doubt my new venture would make it through the first year. Very disappointing NatWest.
quantumdice Customer Service Current Account
I was interested to see your comments on the time taken to clear a cheque. Recently my wife and I had just moved house, to this end our joint account was suffering. Having to pay more fees to our solicitor we wrote yet another cheque thinking it would clear in three days. But no it took Nat West five working days causing problems for our new house and us. Nat West’s answer to this was ‘it always has taken five days to clear a cheque’. Speaking to office colleges and family we all thought the standard cheque clearance time was three days! Thanks a bunch Nat West.
denise Charges Current Account
I do not agree with charging to use other banks cash points, the banks make enough profit to get together and agree to use each others cash tills.
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