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National Health Service Comments

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larry fraser General Staff inefficiency 05/11/00 00:00:00
During a recent admission for a major operation I was amazed and appalled at the non-existence of trained nurses on the ward. Most were NOT nurses but foreign nursing auxiliaries who could barely speak or understand english.I had to demonstrate to them on more than one occasion how to use the mobile blood pressure machine and how to take and measure blood sugar samples! In addition the administration of the ward drug round was unbelievably slapdash with attempts on more than one occasion to either omit drugs that should have been given to me or to give the same dose twice. Only one of the qualified nurses was up to the job, and she,thankfully was very good. In addition the ward was dirty and unkempt and the food was worse than inedible, my wife having to bring in food from home from time to time.It was like being in some third world country. For the record, the hospital in question was the WEST MIDDLESEX HOSPITAL in West London.
denise Delay waiting times 08/08/00 10:15:00
recently in Basildon Hospital I waited one and a half hours to have a blood test, I know there is no control on how many people turn up at once, but I do think there should have been a waiting time desplayed so you can then make the decision to go away and come back ater in the day.
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