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bigpaulh Other Other 03/11/00 00:00:00
I would like people to know the problems I am having with one2one and the way I have been treated for 9 months. We were offered a kind of sponsorship and a large amount of phones that could be distributed as I liked to our disabled community.. I am a registered Disabled man from Essex and Chairman of a Registered Disabled Charity called Computers for the Disabled. Back in March this year we were offered by one2one a consignment of Mobile phones with one2one offering us a type of sponsorship. Wonderful news I thought and was to believe. How wrong I was. What I had to do in return for one2one, was explained carefully to me, I had to advertise and promote one2one and one2one products. No problem, I was very happy to do this as we I was being helped by one2one. I have managed to find 278 new customers for one2one, spending thousands and thousands of pounds by our disabled members UK.. Some on contract, some on Prepaid and some on pay as you go. I waited patiently for our phones to be delivered, but there was no sign of them. I was told on several occasions that my consignment of phones were on there way. I made over 40 phone calls, emails and fax’s to one2one and was given excuses like the phones have been stolen in a warehouse theft, the phones have been sent to the wrong address, the phones were shipped to Germany by mistake, the phones were stolen in a courier van robbery and many more excuses and reasons were given why our phones were not delivered. I spoke many times to one2one and was told to be patient. How patient can I be ?.. It’s now been 9 Months and there is still no sign of my phones. Also one2one have now decided to withdraw the offer of the sponsorship with no reason given, I have been told one2one are not obliged to give reasons and that is one2ones final word on the subject. Also one2one have now withdrawn the consignment of phones and will not explain why they have done this to me and our Charity and the disabled waiting for these phones. I have made many attempts to talk to one2one in October. I now have been warned by senior Management at one2one that if I persist in asking for an explanation why one2one have gone back on their word, One2one will be cutting all our phones off and leave everyone high and dry. I have this in writing from one2one. The behaviour of one2one is inexcusable. The promises and lies from one2one has been a pretty regular occurrence. I have been left with egg on my face and I feel used by one2one. I have worked ever so hard promoting one2one and feel I done pretty well. I now realise I have been used and its hard to accept this. Is there anyone out there that can offer our Charity help, no matter how small, if there is, please don’t hesitate to contact men ? Now you have read my story is there anyone who would say that one2one are a nice genuine company? I have had many sleepless nights knowing what one2one have done to our charity and me. If I complain again one2one are to cut off all the disabled users phones, so it’s a showdown that I have to back down from. I will not put any of my disabled colleagues in danger of their phones being cut off. I don’t know how one2one could put me through this ordeal. Paul Harris . Our website is www.cftd.co.uk
sallygoodman Customer Service Other 27/07/00 00:00:00
I have a friend who has tried to change her phone from BT to 1 to 1. In the process 1 to 1 has lost the BT numbers, connected them to the wrong phone, disconnected then reconnected to the wrong phone and now cut her off completely for the last three days. I can not comment futher as her comments are unprintable.
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