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User Name Issue Product Date and Time Branch
shola Customer Service Service 27/02/02 10:15:00 Borehamwood
Hello.... I went into my local Tesco store in Borehamwood and at the checkout, I gave the cashier my Debit card for payment. She looked at the card signature as if there was a problem and said she needed to see her supervisor, moments later she came back and asked if I had another card to compare the signature with. I gave her another card and she went back to see the Store Manager. The Store Manager came back and just said I cannot server you. She didnt even give me the option to pay with cash if they had a problem with the signature on the card for security reasons and asked me to leave the store. I was so embarrassed as everyone was staring at me in the store. So I walked out, got into my car and then got out again to confront her because Id done nothing wrong and didnt deserve the embarrassment she caused me as well as not being able to do my shopping. She then started raising her voice and caused a scene in the store, before I knew what was going on there were about six Police men with guns that had arrived at the store because of the situation. She then banned me from the store and the Police had nothing to say about it. I would appreciate some advice on my rights about this situation.
bigboy Other Internet Shopping
I have attempted to use Tesco Online to shop for my groceries on three occasions now. After about ten minutes, on each occasion, I have given up simply because the site is not easy to use. Tesco is my local store and in general I am quite happy to shop there. However, when I need to shop online, I now find myself using Asda or Iceland online.
tsh Customer Service Parking fine 01/08/00 12:00:00 Ludlow
An elderly widow of my fathers acquaintance felt faint after shopping in the Ludlow branch of Tescos. She left her full trolley near a checkout and her equally elderly friend told the girl theyd come back for it. Having sat down in the Tesco cafe, had a drink and a bit of time out, the lady felt able to return for her trolley and pay for her groceries. Unfortunately, the trolley and contents had been removed, and the checkout girl who had been told, had gone off duty. Given that this elderly widow no longer drives and is taken shopping only once a week, she decided to be strong and do the whole shop again. She did. She then paid but found that her friends parking ticket had run out they had to pay a fine! They protested to the manager, but were told that it was out of his hands since parking fines were all dealt with elsewhere. Depsite all her protests and she is a terribly polite, educated and upstanding lady Tescos insisted on the fine being paid. What extraordinary behaviour from a company which seems to pride itself on helping the customer.
flutterby Goods Quality chain in bread none
In reply to the Stevenage customer who found a gold chain in bread. Of course, Tesco treated you well. It would have cost them a lot more than 10 if youd taken it to the councils consumer and environmental health dept. You did them a big favour.
flutterby Price/Value for Money Clubcard Points Barnsley
What a surprise to receive tokens to give me 6.50 off my weekly shopping bill for three weeks. Ive been saving the clubcard points vouchers and will be exchanging them for holiday tokens which enable me to have a free holiday. Id shop at Tesco Barnsley anyway because its such a clean and airy shop which gives excellent service.
d.dbeono Customer Service Bread 02/04/01 20:30:00 Stevenage town
I found a small link of gold chain in my bread.I took this back to the store where I was dealt with dealt with in a polite and helpful manner.I was given a refund for the loaf plus a free replacement and about 2 weeks later recieved a gift voucher to the value of 10 pounds.
british71 Customer Service Disabled trolleys Surrey Quays
The disabled trollies at my local Tesco Surrey Quays are locked up outside the store and I have to go into the store, find a person to come out and unlock a disabled trolley for me. This all takes a lot of time and eneergy when one is in a wheelchair. If Tesco are serious about helping disabled customers, why dont they have the disabled trolleys at least inside the store so that the wheelchair bound customer can easily get one without all the extra hassle. At the moment, a disabled customer has much mopre trouble getting one than does an able bodied one. Also, why cant Tesco provide a small clipboard with pen attached for the wheelchair bound customer can easily sign his or her bill at the checkout ? Trying to sign it whilst leaning on a packet of frozen peas is not acceptable. Just a little more thought Tesco, please !
flutterby Goods Quality mangos 13/05/01 00:00:00 Barnsley
Mangos in my Barnsley store always used to be delicious and juicy, just like in the USA, but now they are not fit to eat. They lack juice and are rubbery. Is it because sales have risen and Tesco cannot meet demand adquately and are importing poor quality and unripe fruit. They are not cheap and I shall not be buying any more for quite a while. The trouble is, of course, that you dont know what theyre like until you cut into them then you have to return them. But how many people can be bothered to do that? in future everything that is poor quality is going back and I would urge everyone else to do the same.
slim Other 29/04/01 00:00:00 Rayleigh
What a real shame Tesco in Rayleigh are closing down they are so convenient. I cant understand why when being replaced by a clothing shop like BeWise. In this case I dont think they have been.
lasnog Customer Service Enquiries/Complaints/Comments Tesco Brent Cross
Like other customers who have left comments at your site my experience with Tescos Enquiries/Complaints/Comments service leads me to believe that this is a bit of TescoPR that is pure PR. I have left enquiries/comments/complaints on more than 10 occasions at the customer service desk at Tesco Brent Cross all relating to a single issue even more often I have been told that there are no facilities for leaving enquiries, comments or complaints!. To date, several months after my enquiry I have not received even an acknowledgement from Tescos Customer Services and have now reached the conclusion that Tescos strategy is to tire out complainants to meet some diabolical internal performance indicator. I shall not be complaining to Tesco any more as I shall transfer my custom to Waitrose with immediate effect.
dudleya Goods Quality Fruit take your pick
Tescos is not alone in what I want to blow off about, but they seem to be the worst imho. Ever bought a peach from Tescos? or some other soft fruit that looks nice. A strawberry perhaps, or a pear. Take it home and you foolishly think that the flesh is yielding a bit so it must be ripe. Ha ha ha. WRONG. Its just going flabby on the outside whilst remaining rock hard on the inside. Whats the matter with these people? Tesco may as well sell wax fruit instead of going to the trouble of selling some of the crud they do! Tastes much the same but the shelf life is longer.
zen1 Other Customer comment cards Lincoln Wragby Rd. branch
First I filled in the customer comment card about my local Tescos veggie frozen cabinetfour weeks later no reply.Then I went to fill out another cardbut no cards in store.Then I rang the customer helpline.Shock horror madam,Ill let the area manager know.3 months later zilch!Tesco cares I think not!I am a Tesco customer of 25plus years.
garys Customer Service Tesco Online Tesco Online
After informing Tesco Online three times and getting an assurance that our details were updated, they still delivered to our old address but next door!. No apologies or anything. Stopped using them and gone to Sainsburys instead.
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