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Thames Water Comments

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carparkcommando Other Water 01/11/98 02:00:00
In November 1998 Thames Water flooded our street with a cocktail of raw sewage and chemicals. They were fined 250,000. Ten of the houses were so badly contaminated that they were pronounced as unfit for human life and have been empty ever since. WE live NEXT DOOR to the first of the affected houses and have been through nearly two years of HELL. I think Thames Water should have paid ANOTHER 250,000 to the few remaining residents. After MUCH complaining and threats of PHYSICAL VIOLENCE to their contractors if they Thames Water Utilities DIDNT compensate us, we finally managed to get a paltry 3000 out of them. NOONE ELSE still remaining got ANYTHING! What do I think of Thames Water? They treat the SEWAGE better than their CUSTOMERS! I hope the rot in the biggest cesspit in Hell!
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