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Virgin Trains Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time Station/Line
paulclemens Punctuality Exeter - Newcastle
We are forced to use this route regularly. The most chilling threat yet issued by Virgin is that they are going to restore the standards of service that prevailed before the Hatfield crash. What have we done to deserve this? New rolling stock will not change their culture, staff arrogance coupled with contempt for their customer, and habit of cost-cutting at the expense of safety and service. I have never, ever, been on a Virgin service where glib and insincere apologies for a failure of some aspect of service or another were not being made. Their worst moment was in December 2000 ie post-Hatfield when my daughter travelled to Leeds from Taunton on what was described as a direct service. She was then told by train staff to change trains at Bristol to go to Birmingham to connect to Leeds. At Birmingham she was told by rude and hostile Virgin staff get immediately on to a train to Manchester to connect with another to Leeds. At Manchester she was told by rude and hostile Virgin staff she should not have travelled to Manchester at all, that it was all her fault, and that she would have to make her own way to Leeds, there being no more trains by any operator. This was at midnight. She took a taxi for 70 and has never had a response to her attempts to contact a responsible manager in the company. The disruption was due to Railtrack, but the chaos, incompetence, wrong information,rudeness and hostility was all typical Virgin Trains. This episode is history, and this message is not just about that incident or any one aspect of service. But it typifies Virgin Train''s approach to running a railway from privatisation until the present day, as I know from using from then until now. I hope they lose their franchise, and will do all possible to make that so. Incidentally, I would not dream of flying on a Virgin aircraft; why would that be run any differently, with poor service, bad maintenance, bad and poorly-trained staff and cutbacks on safety related spending. When two companies are ultimately run by one person, they do things in the same way. I work in air transport, I know what makes a safe operation, and I am not suicidal.
cfoode Other 27/12/00 11:45:00
I would like to complain about the atrocious service on 27/12/2000 when I tried to take the 11:45 train from Liverpool to London. First the train was cancelled with No Information on why when I asked for why there was no information, the reply was we have no information !, then we had to take the train from Liverpool to Manchester at 12:30. In Manchester the train left at 3:10 instead of 2:30. The train trundled along stopping at various points to admire the scenery. Then from Milton Keynes on, we stopped regularly since there was only one train getting into Euston ! We finally crawled into Euston at 10 pm ! As for compensation I think Ill have to go complaining ! Moral of the story, I will NOT be going up North for Xmas next year thanks to Virgin...
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