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Vodafone Comments

User Name Issue Service Date and Time
jwvdmolen Customer Service Mobile 21/02/02 16:45:00
Singlepoint 4U Limited is currently managing collection of payments for my Vodafone service. They insist that I authorised a service last May ''01, but can provide no document to support this. This came to my attention when they started charging me for the service in October bill rec''d in November. When I wrote to complain, they ignored my letter and charged me again. I have spoken with their Customer Service group who have been stubborn, ride, and even belligerent. I cancelled Direct Debit priveleges, have pre-paid line rental charges to the end of my contract, but still anticipate that I will be cut-off from mobile services and abused for lack of payment. I''m not sure what rights I have in this case. Any suggestions?
russ1964 Charges Mobile 15/08/01 09:00:00
Just received a letter from Vodafone this morning notifying me that they''re gong to change my price plan of my mobile phone as of the 1st September and guess what, it''s not going down! For no increase in performance, better service or anything they can hike up the price of my Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls by 50%, just like that! From that date I''ll have to pay 15p per minute instead of 10p a minute, what a rip-off! My only choice is to change to another network: can anyone out there recommend a good operator and price plan? Thanks in advance.
andrew.carne Charges Other 17/10/00 00:00:00
Ill not bore you with all the issues I have with Vodaphone Retail, Ill save that for Chris Gent. Im told that my new phone cost is offset on my line rental hence the need for an annual contract. Why then does my rental cost not go down at the end of the minimum contract period?
ian Customer Service Mobile 03/05/00 10:00:00
My Vodafone pay as you talk phone recently died on me. It took me 4 days to get around to having it fixed, 3 days to find out who should fix it and after being referred from one retailer to another, finally 10 days to repair the phone. Once the phone had been returned to me however I had lost nearly three weeks of service credit. Once I advised Vodafone of this, they credited my account immediately. Very impressive. I just wish it was easier to get the phone fixed in the first place.
hemi Charges Other
I am disappointed with Vodafones charges for short text messaging. One 2 Ones charges for sending messages across the same network are far cheaper.
hemi Charges Mobile
I think Vodaphones charges to other mobiles are too high. These are prohibitive compared to other mobile operators and restrict talktime and/or number of calls.
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